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Under New Labour the education of our young people is being eroded by government interference. Targets, league tables, government inspections and teachers reporting procedures are leading to a bureaucracy similar to that prevalent in our health service, police force, fire brigade and other public services.

Our schools must be given the chance to stand-alone and be accountable to parents, Governors and students. The Schools Inspectorate and other Government bureaucracies should only be in place where they have a useful role to assist and advise and not to judge. The allocation of places at local schools must take account of the wishes of local people and of parental and student choice. Schools in areas of deprivation must be given additional support to enable all students to have access to the highest standards of education. School facilities should be made available outside of normal school hours, giving young people and the community at large a place to meet, access to facilities and a sense of ownership.

School travel plans should be mandatory in all of our schools. Education at every level should be available to all regardless of their means. We are opposed to tuition fees being charged to students or their parents and call for the re-introduction of student grants linked to a commitment by students to work in this country for an agreed minimum period.

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